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Post by lovelypinksock » September 20th, 2023, 9:17 am

Hey everybody! Crazy to see this forum still exists and that it still gets traffic. Such a blast from the past...

I think I was literally 15 years old or something when I made my account here, after discovering the forum from Jordesuvi's nightcore on Youtube.
I'm 28 now lol. Sheesh.

Anyway, does anybody in charge here have access to the nightcore emails? Unfortunately I have a few things linked to it because I used to use it a lot (I thought the custom domain was so epic lol) but now that the domain isn't being paid for or nobody is owner of the 'organization' it belongs to, I'm completely locked out and can't see emails, or make any changes to the account (migrate all my stuff) at all.

It'd be super helpful if somebody gave me the details or even let me pay for the domain myself just so I can get my account back.

Anyway, happy to see NXC going strong. I am now a DJ who plays shows in my home city and have traveled (and played) in Tokyo multiple times. The nightcore never left my life lol.

Peace to you all ~
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Re: email accounts

Post by Zurd » September 20th, 2023, 1:16 pm

Welcome back lovelypinksock, don't think we ever had the pleasure to talk years ago :)

All emails were lost, I was able to get the files and database for the forum but not even the domain name. We had to use nightcore-universe with a dash in the middle for like a year, then the domain expired and I was able to buy it and everything is at it was before. I can gladly create you a email so you can use it to connect back elsewhere. Just PM me with what you need.

Happy to hear your DJ career is going great, that is awesome, must be lots of fun :)
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