In memory of NightcoreUploadz

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In memory of NightcoreUploadz

Post by HKO2006 » April 26th, 2019, 10:12 am

Friend of Maikel, also known as Irø, KuroDeejay, kurodj

Artifacts of NightcoreUploadz, few videos that I like the most got reuploaded on bilibili (click the player to play)

NightcoreUploadz 2013 1 hour mix

Nightcore - SW
Starving Trancer - SW

Nightcore - Damaged
Steve Hill vs Technikal feat. Nathalie - Damaged

NightcoreUploadz - 1 Hour Nightcore Mix
Also big thanks to Maikel who was responsible for 50% of the awesomeness in this mix ♥ ø DJ Kuro

NightcoreUploadz - 1 Hour Nightcore Mix #2

Irø's Melodic J-Core Mix

Nightcore - Just 4 You
Domino Brothers - Just for You

Nightcore - All Night Long
Ray Knox - All Night Long (Ti-Mo Remix)

Nightcore - A World Apart
Davis Redfield - A World Apart (Giorno Remix Edit)

Nightcore - Feel It Way Down (RainDropz! Remix Edit)
Paul Dave feat. Anna Montgomery - Feel It Way Down (RainDropz! Remix Edit)

Nightcore - Come Along
Honora - Come Along (Lignum Remix Edit)

Nightcore - Inescapable (Tronix DJ Remix Edit)
Missy Kool - Inescapable (Tronix DJ Remix Edit)

Remake of Nightcore - Shine 4 U (2.0)
Aug 27, 2012 - Uploaded by NightcoreUploadz
Punkrockerz feat. Carmen & Camille - Shine 4U 2.0 (Dance Mix Edit)
also on bilibili

Playlist of 91 deleted videos 182 views Last updated on Jun 13, 2015 ... TavYkxWw0U

Welcome to Nightcore Universe! Enjoy your stay as much as you enjoy the original Nightcore songs!
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