Why you shouldn't make a Nightcore Channel

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Why you shouldn't make a Nightcore Channel

Post by AznXstyle » July 10th, 2016, 1:30 pm

It's your boy SYTL(B3atz0fMyh3art) or the guy who always brings up a debate on Nightcore. I recently hit 1000 subs, yeah sweet, cool, I did something that I might have cared about if I was still 16. What can I say about Nightcore? It's fun, fast paced, high pitched intensity for everyone to enjoy. Just kidding, it's not 2013 anymore. You see, some of you may disagree with me, argue with me, maybe even call me a piece of shit because I realized how garbage this music is, but that's okay; it's totally fine by me. This maybe the last time I post on this page, and knowing that information, it's potentially the last time I upload Nightcore. Yeah some of you guys are pretty cool... I guess, and some of you guys are hard asses or little shits who decided to be curious enough on how to start making "Nightcore." Well, It's a good thing I showed up, right?

Hol' Up though! Where's the backstory? Well I started making Nightcore back in April 9th, 2012. My first video being "Nightcore - Human." Ahhh yes, the excitement of your first upload. I uploaded 4 videos that day on a shitty laptop with rendering speeds and uploading speeds that were less than a minute. Nightcore cough* cough* speed edits at the time (for the majority) literally took less than 30 seconds to make. Shit, I uploaded 6 videos while I was in my Graphics Design class. (which can kinda explain the shitty fonts and overlays in each video) I admit, I was having fun at the time. Easy views and easy subscribers. I hit about 100 subs in two years. After hitting my first "milestone" lol, I decided to put a little more effort and make my videos look a bit nicer by adding an audio spectrum. Sure rendering times were annoying, and I couldn't upload as frequently since my laptop at the time was so shitty, but I still tried to keep what little fanbase I had satisfied.

Following that year, I reached my 200 subscriber milestone. It took fucking 8 hours to render the video and another hour and a half to upload it. Was it worth the wait? No it was a huge waste of time. It doesn't even have 1000 views. I got lazy after that video, I had a request and uploaded it a few days later, but after that, I didn't upload anything for 6 months. It just got boring, annoying, you feel as if you put in all this effort and time for no reason at all. Nightcore channels that surface YouTube a year later have even more fame than me. Am I jealous? Well at the time before I changed my videos up a bit, sure I was. Why the fuck wouldn't I be? I'm doing the same shit as another channel and yet, they gain more fame because they decided to upload the latest song they heard on the radio. Sure, let's do what everyone else is doing; let's make 100 fucking " Call Me Maybes' " "Oh mine is a little different," "Oh mine, has higher pitch." Listen hear you dipshit, it's the same fucking thing.

Thanks to some loyal fans and users on this site, I was able to continue my channel after being idle for so long. I even changed audio spectrum layout... twice. It only took a few hours. It was pretty easy after watching a video on YouTube. I was like sweet, I'm back in on making Nightcore... but I can't really can I? I realized how shitty it was, generic singers with high pitched voices and increased tempo. It all sounded the same. Sure here and then I uploaded something that I may or not have took a few extra hours actually rearranging audio files to make it not sound like other uploaders who just sped them up. My last official upload was almost a year ago. I did take a part in the Nightcore Advent Calendar because I felt bad that "NightcoreTransformer" (Lol what kind of name is that) was going through the effort to find people to fill in his event garbo. I removed the video because I realized that I shouldn't be doing something that I don't find any satisfaction in.

The fanbase is garbage. It's filled with edgy teens and prepubescent kids who "try" to jerk off to Minecraft porn. Twitch Streamers in there mid to late 20's listen to this shit while playing League of Legends, Dota, WoW, etc. Sure I'm not in the right to judge others in their taste in music, but come on, you were literally just listening to the original song a few moments before deciding to type Nightcore prior to the original title of the song. I get annoying kids who comment on my videos, anti-social weebs. (Yeah I have an anime profile picture and banner, I drew it.) They try to be smart asses and yet can't compensate shit when the realize they have no counter-argument. Yeah call me a bully when it comes to that shit, a cyber bully sure. Let someone offend you that you're never ever gonna meet... most likely.

Yeah, I wrote quite a bit; had time to kill before I go on vacation soon. Well all an all, this is all for my next video upload.

So overall Nightcore may be fun to start, but you'll soon realize the down fall of why you shouldn't put effort in something that for one, requires little to not effort at all. And two, something that sounds like garbage anyway. I put more effort than I should've. Start something you'll truly enjoy doing, not this.


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Re: Why you shouldn't make a Nightcore Channel

Post by Vitacx97 » July 10th, 2016, 2:36 pm

While it's true it takes literally seconds to alter the pitch and tempo, I personally spend countless hours wading through song after song and often come up short and find nothing of value. I get great satisfaction from eventually finding a song that works when sped/pitched up and that nobody has done before so much so that it's worth all the effort and time I put into finding it in the first place.

Really if you don't enjoy what you do, just don't do it. I upload when I feel like it simply because having to trawl through songs and then having to edit up the video every few days to get it out once a week doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. I'll do it when I feel like it.

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Re: Why you shouldn't make a Nightcore Channel

Post by Zurd » July 10th, 2016, 8:02 pm

I make Nightcore because I listen to it. Not because I want more views on youtube.

That I have 0 views and 0 followers makes no difference to me because I do it for me.

I listen to Nightcore about 90% of the time.

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Re: Why you shouldn't make a Nightcore Channel

Post by emilemil1 » July 10th, 2016, 8:09 pm

If you're in the scene, being a DJ seems like a natural path to follow
Ha, 'n back in the days, DJ's were weird people who liked music in a weird way
Back then you had to be a nerd to become a DJ
Now a days, everybody wants to be a DJ
Now a days, EVERYBODY wants to be that nerd!
It sickens me, I hate those smart-asses who think DJ is an easy way to get laid
Well, get a life!
If you're not in it for the love of the music, would you please fuck off!
Those lyrics by Coone apply pretty well here.

Seems like a classic case of outgrowing a hobby. Considering that your reason for starting was "easy views and easy subscribers" (from what I understand), it was bound to happen.

For me it has never been about milestones, and certainly not about what kind of people helped reach those milestones. It didn't matter how many people watched a video that took forever to make, as long as there was someone. What matters is sharing the enjoyment of a song, together with whoever shares your view.

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