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Post by SpeederUp » May 8th, 2013, 11:52 pm

I've seen in the facebook page that the original Nightcore group was inspired by this group. Actually, I found out Scooter a decade before Nightcore, and I clearly understand why Nightcore did what they did. I have all their singles, doesn't matter the style, and, thanks to this year special edition, I can complete their discography (Scooter albums don't sell here). The facebook page of Nightcore says they got inspired by songs like Nessaja and Ramp!. In my opinion, there were better songs than those, and many more have come since the early 2000s. What's your opinion about Scooter?
My favorite is I'm Your Pusher, closely followed by J'adore Hardcore and Maria (I Like It Loud).

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