Techno trance Artists Part1 my feeling!

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Techno trance Artists Part1 my feeling!

Post by toptrancemaster » August 13th, 2015, 1:30 pm

Thats my option , my feeling and my idea about this artist,s

Dj Splash = Techno Trance,maybe when he created candy crew some songs sounded more like hard dance. I really liked his crative idea of using samples from vec. I can hour,s talk about him. :D

East Clubbers = techno/hard dance. East Clubbers songs are more like Eey guys comon on dancefloor lets dance!
diffence with East clubbers and splash = Splashs songs are more to sit down and enjoy and listen.
Why I love east clubbers cuzz they from my country im proud of it :P.

Boosterz Inc = Techno/trance hard techno. What is typical boosterz inc song? drums like Kick Clap.snare ,hat bass and some samples then comes the a soft melody and next short notes melody.
What I really like in his songs that you clear hear that he made his own style.

This was part 1/of idk

Tell my about your feeling about this!

anyways this was my frist topic

aha sorry for broken english never had english lesson in school.
Just listen if you dont listen you dont feel if you dont feel you not
enjoy anyways i dont know why i write it. ^_^

Dj East Wolf Dats me :P

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