Wayne Mont, a criticism of template-based handsup producers

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Wayne Mont, a criticism of template-based handsup producers

Post by HKO2006 » February 25th, 2015, 7:44 pm

Wayne Mont, Real Name: Hugo Pierre Leclercq, 'a criticism of template-based handsup producers. Each of those remixes took barely two hours.'(refering Not Fair and Stacy's Mom remix). Other Hugo Pierre Leclercq's project includes Dj Deamon (Hands Up, stopped in 2010), Earpark (House) and Madeon (House). But we are only talking Wayne Mont today. So let's begin by listening to his music.

Lily Allen - Not Fair (Wayne Mont Remix), Fountains Of Wayne - Stacy´s Mom (Wayne Mont Booty)

DJ Auzern - Viva La Vida (Wayne Mont Remix), Ekowraith vs. Sample Rippers - Back In The Game (Wayne Mont & Eko Remix)

Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Wayne Mont Bootleg), full song can be found in Ced Technoboy's mixes in 2010 but the download links are dead (medaupload).
http://9lagu.com/download/187962907/lad ... x-rip.html

Following Wayne Mont's style, fan made another parody
aj~ - Mario Lopez - Angel Eyes (Wayne Mont Remix ITS A PARODY OK)

From the above song
i found a random remix pack and decided to make another wanye mont parody LOL
this was unbearable to make, it took ~5 hours (2 hours spent making it organised enough to work on)
(also, i made the bass myself this time)
sorry to mario lopez for demeaning your song
From who is Wayne Mont? - http://www.euroadrenaline.com/music-dis ... nt/262696/
Wayne Mont -> Want Money
It's me, the project was a criticism of template-based handsup producers. Each of those remixes took barely two hours.
From Oldest Madeon song ever!! (When he used to be Wayne Mont!) (Require sign in to view the full thread)
Interestingly, 'Wayne Mont' is an anagram of 'Want Money'... Making music purely for money is considered by some as evil, like a demon, or Daemon. Daemon is an anagram of Madeon. Is it possible that through his aliases over the years, Madeon is trying to alert us to the fact he was put on earth by Satan to empty our wallets by making amazing music? Who knows? What's important is that we keep asking these questions
My reflection on this
Template-based handsup, I don't like hands up that insert random melody in the middle that does not fit into the song and their number is not small, one reason made me listen to less nightcore too. But if the songs are good, I am fine with them.

How I found Wayne Mont

Artist: Dj 3nvade, but nothing can be found about Dj 3nvade and the song is good so there must be something wrong.
First identified the vocal is Lily Allen
google Lily Allen Not Fair Hands up, found Discogs' Lily Allen ‎– Not Fair (Remixes)
http://www.discogs.com/Lily-Allen-Not-F ... se/1820952
But all negative, so I stick with googling "Not Fair" "Lily Allen" hands up, and got it on the eighth try
Related links Turn out Wayne Mont is not new to nightcore
Nightcore - Not Fair by Roze Core

Nightcore - Back In The Game by emilemil1 | Nightcore

Nightcore - Angel Eyes by CLuBLioN XNightcore

and more
https://www.youtube.com/results?filters ... ghtcore%22

More about Deamon
2 Raverz - With The Crowd (Deamon Remix)
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Re: Wayne Mont, a criticism of template-based handsup produc

Post by emilemil1 » February 25th, 2015, 9:04 pm

If you're looking for parody producers, take a look at George Winterbrush and Winsther Bergrögue (hint: they're the same guy!) ^^ Rant incoming.

Almost every single commercial hands up producer is template based, with signature instruments, signature melody styles, signature fx, signature transitions, and even signature vocalists. It's not really something that bothers me if it's done right, and it helps them establish a brand. If they've found a formula that -really- works it'd be a shame to not explore it again. It's also easy to mistake a person's style for a template. some people create similar sounding songs simply because it's a sound they really like, something they naturally lean towards without even thinking much about it.

The bad things you mentioned are real though. A producer with a happy style who remixes a sad song, that's a bit weird. Also producers who milk their template without change for way too long. Templates in themselves are not bad, it's still possible to deviate from them in creative ways. They only become a bad thing once they're followed so strictly that the songs no longer become works of art, but products on a conveyor belt, made by a machine following instructions.

Though you have to sympathize a bit with the producers, they're often forced to remix songs they probably don't like at all, just to be able to support themselves. It's not like in the old days when hands up was big and producers could be a little more free, worry less about their income. Today they have to take what they can get, even if it means working on something they're not very passionate about. In addition to that there's more risk involved in not using a template. If you've made one song and it sold well, then chances are that another song based on the same formula will also sell well.

There is also the problem of the hands up community's weird desire for both creativity and monotony. That is, people want hands up to never change, they want to relive the sounds of their old favorites over and over again, and whenever a producer deviates too much from the norm he gets shunned for "not sounding right". The community demands monotony in this style, but at the same there are always constant complains that producers aren't being creative enough, that everything sounds the same. It's like they want things to sounds the same, but at the same time they don't...

EDIT: Oh and 3nvade is JumpBoy, he's on this forum :)

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Re: Wayne Mont, a criticism of template-based handsup produc

Post by LonelyLittleAngel » February 26th, 2015, 3:23 pm

3nvade is the one that sent me the song to nightcore which I did do, and he told me that he made it... Unless he is Wayne Mont :P
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