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Important Infos: Donating to NU!

Posted: April 11th, 2010, 5:53 pm
by Kirby
Although no members are in any way obligated to donate, donations are very well appreciated and applauded by the community.
Proceeds go right back into the forum and ensuring the Nightcore community thrives to spread the wonderful music that is Nightcore and Trance.
No donations will be used for personal gain.

Here's what you'll get for donating any amount equal to or greater than $1 USD to NU --
  • A snazzy specialized Donator rank, image and name color
  • Ability to use BBCode in the forum chatbox
  • TRIPLED private messaging inbox space
  • A customizable and configurable e-mail address;
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling <3
[/size]A special Donator's Lounge will be available once we hit ten donators!
After you donate, PM Dubstep Girl with transaction details to be credited with your rewards!
A big thank you to everyone who has contributed time and support to!