Haganai NEXT Review

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Haganai NEXT Review

Post by LonelyLittleAngel » September 21st, 2014, 3:42 am

Contains spoilers.
Review of Haganai Next's ending.
The ending was very, very unfinished. Several things why.
First, where is Yozora going for her journey? She completely left the ending blank on why she left.Second, what was Sena and Kotaka suppose to talk about in the end? Is he going to accept the proposal for marriage or no? Yozora completely ruined the moment for that end.Third, Is Kotaka joining the student council? This was completely blank. They asked and Kotaka said he was going to think about it.Finally, Where the fuck is the yaoi(doesn't mean anything but it should be in it) at in the end, The end of season 1 had its yaoi ending and this one didn't.
Haganai Next completly did not finish the story of what's going to happen in the character's lives. Does it mean there is going to be another season or not. It actually completed only one part. Story started in Haganai Kotaka does not has friends. Story ends Kotaka has friends. There is loose ends to the story but the whole anime was solid. Yaoi and Yuri so if you want watch Haganai!
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