SotW contest #1

Hosted by Wolfbrother0 and thecad!
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SotW contest #1

Post by thecad » June 22nd, 2010, 1:30 pm

Be Sure To Read The Rules

HIYA guys.
i'm here for the first SotW :D

first of all this isn't the way its going to be like always :) we are making a nice template. this is a graphics contest right ;3

well this first Sotw is about music ♫♪♫.
it doesn't need to be anime, it can be real also.
you can use someone who is listening to music but also an instrument. i like to keep it a wide theme :)

send the signatures to me (TheCad) or WolfBrother0
i will make another topic where i will post all the entry's

hf ;) and good luck to you all :3 TheCad
Family! <3

Anata no mawarinohito o suki shikashi, tōku hanareta hitobito o aishite <3

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