Sig, Avatar, youtube channel art

Need signatures? Avatars? Both? We might help if you ask nicely!
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Sig, Avatar, youtube channel art

Post by Lord_Ares23 » March 30th, 2013, 6:54 pm

Was wondering if someone could set up a set of pics around the theme of a male DJ with brown hair and somewhat of a steel-blue eye color. Background can be anything and can have an emphasis on any color out there, however, the emphasis in the sig MUST be red. I was looking for something similar to this one but male as mentioned earlier:

Sig and Youube Channel art must have my youtube name (DJV3lk) involved.

If someone can set it up either through drawing or using something such as photoshop or gimp, I'd be mightily appreciative. I have no skill in either.

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