First Nightcore

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Jada Plays
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First Nightcore

Post by Jada Plays » July 5th, 2015, 12:55 pm

Hey everyone iv'e been listening to nightcore for a while and I decided to make a nightcore myself and I would just like to ask you all for any tips for my future nightcore music. :D

By the way I am new to the forums.

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Re: First Nightcore

Post by HENTAiCORE » July 5th, 2015, 1:41 pm

whalecum to the forums.
im not sure but this should belong in one of the upload sections.
your edit has some major quality issues. first it seems to have bad audio quality in general (try to get high quality files, in best case lossless and render in highest quality possible for yt (should be around 380kbit/s aac but not sure)).
then you clearly only changed the pitch without considering the speed. audio works over frequencies. the higher(faster) a frequency is, the higher is the tone.
that means you will get a timestretch effect by changing the pitch only and you dont want this.
also nightcore has to sound like hardcore, otherwise it doesnt deserve the core. yours sound like some mainstream pop or smth.
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Re: First Nightcore

Post by Du5kEssence » July 6th, 2015, 9:04 pm

Not technically Nightcore I'm afraid. This is what you'd call a speed edit of a pop song. To classify as Nightcore it has to be a sped up, pitched up edit of either a trance or hands-up song. It basically needs a big 4 to the floor kick to give it the sound which defines the genre. Doesn't take away all the musical credit of the speed edit but many people round here might not appreciate it as much as the real Nightcore. Besides that the video is alright. As "HENTAICORE" said above you might need to work on audio quality but the video quality is good. The outro screen with the links to other videos looks pretty professional and the whole layout looks nice. If you're gonna continue naming this stuff Nightcore despite it actually being a speed edit you might want to put a hyphen between Nightcore and the track name too.

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