Nightcore Virus is Collaborating with Nightcore Universe!

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Nightcore Virus is Collaborating with Nightcore Universe!

Post by Gayle99 » August 16th, 2017, 6:50 am

I really like to meet myself, Gayle99 or simply mostly Zefbunny, the author of nightcore virus series, the first story of the nightcore series. My friend collab with me in NU especially in some certain websites like Wattpad or Quotev where I receive messages and plans for idea. I really accepted to m,y friend to enter NU, I should like to know what is the story about.... it is similar to Urbance but more in music influence...

A story about teenagers around 8 and Up believe in nightcore music, but there is a mystery that attacks the whole world, it is nightcore, corrupted the world.... their minds are all change and went insane, they are also killers. To the secret reveal every volume faces the main characters how the nightcore virus was started, that may corrupt the world or delusional despair in their life. Nightcore Virus is the only virus that will never cure; it was considered the neo-virus of the computer beside of Trojan virus and Love-Bug.

You know that nightcore virus has cooler characters which who are singers that affected by nightcore music.

Here are the stories I made: ... origins-v0 ... origins-v1

There some updates: ... h-drawings

List of Characters: ... -Nightloid

Profiles: ... s-volume-0 ... s-volume-1 ... ing-people


Others: ... 4801858056

I need your help also so I'll write thoughtfully! Thank you and enjoy!
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