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Re: How to make Nightcore (Nightcore tutorial) UPDATED

Post by HKO2006 » March 2nd, 2015, 1:35 am

Just found out how to nightcore with FL Studio and how to avoid killing the quality even when the tempo and pitch do not match.
The following sample is Clutch feat. Beha - The Light (Edit), the goal is to add 33% in pitch and 20% in tempo. ... sp=sharing

1 The Light (Edit).mp3 is the original
2 Audacity 52920 11.1111Pitch is used Audacity to set the rate to 52920 (120% to 44100), then add 11.1111 in Change Pitch. Not sure how to describe it, messed the bass drum/doubled bass drum? Older fan made nightcore tend to be having more of this issue.
3 WavePad 120Speed and Pitch 11.1111Pitch.mp3, 120 Speed and Pitch change then add 11.1111 to Pitch. No more double bass drum but muffled.
4 VDJ 33Keylock 20Tempo.mp3, the best result before FL, slide the pitch bar to 33%, toggle key lick, slide the pitch bar to 20%, so the pitch is 33% and the tempo is 20%, no muffled bass drum but still has some doubled bass drum.

Here is the tricky part. With FL, I have two way of achieving 33% in pitch and 20% in tempo but sure which is better. First one is change pitch and tempo to 120% then add 111% to pitch, the second one is change pitch and tempo to 133% then add 111% to time to lengthen the song and to lower the tempo.
FL 52920 110.96Pitch ProDefault.mp3, set rate to 52920 (120% compare to 44100) then set pitch to 110.96% (cloest to 111%), Method used is Pro Default
FL 58800 110.96Time ProDefault.mp3, set rate to58800 (133.3333% compare to 44100) then set time to 110.96 to lengthen the song (to lower the tempo), Method used is Pro Default

The wav files are exported from FL, and the m4a files are exported from Audacity using the wav files.

The following is the comparison of the spectrum image of the WAVs of the 58800 one and the 52920 one.
58800 has a taller spectrum than 52920. Not sure how does it affect the quality though.

Things to compare
FL Methods, not sure which is the best for nigthcore ... tretch.htm
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Re: How to make Nightcore (NIGHTCORE TUTORIAL) UPDATED

Post by emilemil1 » March 2nd, 2015, 9:24 am

FL has always had better time-stretching methods, but afaik there are still none of them that can properly handle all forms of audio. They're optimized to be used with a single instrument in a narrow frequency range, though typically you CAN find certain songs that will be time-stretched pretty much flawlessly with one method or another. However, it never works in all cases.

Generally, the more intensive your song is in a wide range of frequencies, the worse it will sound when time-stretched. Fat kicks, wide synths, heavy compression, etc., they usually prove the most problematic.

Anyway, I listened to the samples and while they're definitely better than the results produced by the more basic editors, it's still far from a perfect method. I can still clearly hear the quality degradation, especially in the low end whenever the kick hits. If I would have heard this song without knowing anything about it, I wouldn't have thought it time-stretched but rather of very low bit rate.
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Re: How to make Nightcore (NIGHTCORE TUTORIAL) UPDATED

Post by LonelyLittleAngel » March 9th, 2015, 1:47 pm

Well used only FL Studio only once, i think its okay. Not really my type of audio editor/mixer. I do like Audition by adobe, which is a really good one and much more user friendly.
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Re: How to make Nightcore (NIGHTCORE TUTORIAL) UPDATED

Post by ApeironNightcore » September 29th, 2015, 1:32 pm

Um I'm currently using Audition for my nightcore...
Does anyone know how the izotope radius algorithm affects the song? Cause every time I do it it sounds weird (scraping sounds and such). Anyone know why?
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