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HKO2006's sandbox

Post by HKO2006 » June 7th, 2015, 9:38 pm

Self intro was missing as I didn't found the section when I first joined NU and directly went into the topic I interested ie The closed orphanage (and I usually don't do self intro in forums anyways).

How did I know about Nightcore? ... 172#p27172
Great resurrection of an old thread. Even found out how Maikel found Nightcore yay!
2013/11~12, I found nightcore in fd's home, I then googled lyrics of God is a girl and angel of darkness. Got here because Maikel's what is nightcore link.

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One said, "The fate of nightcore is prophesied in Dam Dadi Doo."

You never tell me what is wrong
because now it's time to be alone
let me love you everyday
so long you let the dummies play

So long you let the dummies play
And you said, "Can you feel the beat?"
That's not ironic.

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Speeding up seems to be a little magic making things a little bit more appealing.
Notes: I always wondered why threads like Songs on DI/YouTube need remastering/replacing and Nightcore channel songs discussion(rename/remove/etc.) have >1000 views, then one day I remembered I have them in my signature. lol As they are not too important to the public, I believe I should just remove them to give the precious signature space to other more important stuff.

One for money
comment to read ... yuystnhmak
Basically all of this is sped up music - how's this something "well done"?
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Milkacus 3 days ago
+PADDE HIGHFIVE Actually Nightcore consists of more than just that
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bensemus x 3 days ago
+PADDE HIGHFIVE Look around. you will find nightcore that has been speed up or pitched up too much and it just sounds bad. They won't have done anything else with the track either.
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Min-Sung Ko 3 days ago
Oooh man.
Like saying Usain Bolt just run, not that hard... Almost everyone can do it, so he doesn't deserve rewards...
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burak topaktas 3 days ago
+Min-Sung Ko Awesome explanation :D
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ɴιɢнтcoreѕнαdowѕ ™ 3 days ago (edited)
+PADDE HIGHFIVE People just enjoy it that way. Its just how it is.. Sometimes, sped up music is better. If you don't like it, you can simply find other music. Thats why there is different types.
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Calos178 2 days ago
+Milkacus then tell us what. i dont hear more than some speed up, probably with some eq. i can "nightcore" you every track in less than 2 min and you would call it "well done".
this channel doesnt deserve any attention, what she is uploading could be done by total noobs in music production. also this isnt real nightcore, the "core" refers to a hardcore techno sound which most ups on this channel dont have.
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bensemus x 2 days ago
+Calos178 what would u call nightcore then? any links?
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ɴιɢнтcoreѕнαdowѕ ™ 2 days ago
+bensemus x You're watching one..
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bensemus x 2 days ago
+ɴιɢнтcoreѕнαdowѕ ™ I'm not the one claiming this isn't nightcore. I want to know what Carlos thinks nightcore is.
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Calos178 2 days ago
+bensemus x check your history mate. nightcore was originally a 2 man group in 2002, they did speed up edits of technoish tracks in order to get a happy hardcore sound with typical high voices. therefore, nightcore refers to hardcore techno and IS NOT a universal or a metal referred style.
also for me as legit music producer (although its only a hobby) the whole idea of nightcore is completely absurd to me outside actual bootleg productions or livesets.
this channel delivers wrong facts about an old internet myth and probably even earns alot money by very low work input and its even illegal because she doesnt own rights for the music.
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ɴιɢнтcoreѕнαdowѕ ™ 1 day ago
+Calos178 I agree what you said, but why would it be illegal? It was her own nightcore, and a lot of people do it.
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Calos178 1 day ago
+ɴιɢнтcoreѕнαdowѕ ™ pitching up someone elses music doesnt make it your own. she only has the luck that the labels dont care or dont know, otherwise this channel (and others) would be gone superfast.
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bensemus x 1 day ago
+Calos178 You can use copy righted stuff for non profit purposes most of the time. Stuff evolves and nightcore has evolved into this with nightstep being more like what you described. This kind of nighcore is very popular and seems to be the common definition of it now.
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Calos178 1 day ago
+bensemus x she does make profit with it, she has a patreon page AND a paypal donation link so she can "make more nightcore videos with lyrics".
also no its not the common definition, there is no sense behind having a core style which can be anything. call it nightpop or nightmetal but leave the core away. and stop abusing the size of your channel for donations, what you do isnt special enough to deserve any of this money. +NightcoreReality
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NightcoreReality 7 hours ago
+Calos178 So investing 15+ hours a week into a YouTube channel is something I don't deserve to be paid for? With an attitude like that, most content creators would quit you know. Gamers like Pewdiepie are monetizing their videos and earning WAY more than me but I decide to ask for donations and get this response? I can't monetize because of music copyright rules so asking for donations is the only way I can earn money. I'm only asking for support from those who want to give and appreciate what they're getting (which is 15+ hours of work a week to run this channel). The first two years I ran this channel I did it without any compensation but the minute I ask for donations I'm abusing the system? I don't think what you're saying is fair... I love making nightcore but I'm a full-time college student and an adult, so writing off 60 hours a month that could be spent studying or working at a job is a really illogical thing to do. Patreon helps offset that and allows me to do this. If I wasn't getting this money I would probably have to stop or severely cut back time invested in this channel (which is something I don't want to do, and a fair amount of subscribers wouldn't want as well). That's my reality right now, I'm not abusing anything.. I'm finding a way to continue uploading videos even though I'm in college. If you don't want to donate, that's fine.. but please don't make such bold accusations.
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bensemus x 6 hours ago
+Calos178 Thats not the same as charging to see it. She not selling anything.
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Calos178 29 minutes ago
+bensemus x she is offering privileges and milestones on patreon. ik its not the same and the priviliges are mostly not actual privileges but it should be mentioned.
i understand that youre a college student with not much time or money. but i dont understand wat your channel has to do with this. idk how you get 15h a week together with this, probably with encode and up times, but wat you do clearly doesnt take much effort. the core of your channel is the edited music. editing a piece of music like you do probably takes 2 min to be perfectly done. and you dont even do it perfectly. do you limit again after pitch and eq? do you even pitch by actual tempo? im sorry, im on android atm so i cant check your peaking or dr and also not the tempo. if you dont do these things atleast consider it.
everyone with very basic music production knowledge can do this. this means big parts of your "audience" dont have any clue about music, they probably wouldnt even notice quality differences. the only reasons why you get so much resonance is the fact that youre mostly uploading popular music AND NOT anything hardcore and the cute animu pics for sure. pls also notice that you cant be compared to people like pewdiepie. he is an entertainer and always shows alot personality in his vids. you are a wannabe music artist without the art. this whole nightcore thing annoyed since it first became a thing. and it even more annoys me since people started getting money for it. i just want you to know that youre not doing anything special and get money for smth everyone could do for himself without much knowledge.
good luck and success with your college though.
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On 2015/7/8, hko2006 and RussenDeeJay changed their usernames to HKO2006 and Tranceformer with the help of Zurd.

2016/2/25 NightcoreReality and Maikel6311 on SocialBlade

20160728 nightcore football analogy in linked comment, inspired by one of emilemil1's reply on NU (too lazy to link it)
HD Nightcore - Skyscraper - YouTube
Jan 26, 2014 - Uploaded by Kyleaaron Nightcore ... de5byzuw0k
HKO2006 Nightcore&Trance
19:45 +ConsonSaW There are two kinds of sports named football. It doesn't make too much of a deal as one can figure which is being refereed out by considering oneself being/not being in the US.
Now imagine on the Internet, someone just randomly say 'I like football!', one would doubt which sport he is referring to. To make things worse, somehow people started to refer hopscotch, skipping ropes and all sorts of other games 'football' because they all are played with foot.
After several years, football became the name of 'games play with foot'.
Yet here I am, screaming 'I like football!' desperately.
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Re: HKO2006's sandbox

Post by HKO2006 » August 20th, 2015, 4:53 am

Motherboard burnt 2 days ago, so can't be active as usual for a while.

哈路,其實你最近投的nightcore都不是nightcore, 而是遊戲音樂的加速版。nightcore雖然都只是加速音樂, 不過nightcore只適用於代表trance/hands up的加速版, 因為trance/hands up的加速版成品有hardcore音樂的強烈節奏感, 所以nightcore才有「core」。不過因為好多人都因為以訛傳訛而以為nightcore就是任何音樂加速版的意思。
可以做個舉手之勞, 改標題中的nightcore為加速, 和刪除tag中的nightcore嗎? 多謝!

Trance Nightcore: Don't You
Hands up Nightcore: Sweet Dream
更多在 nightcore專題(管理添加)
History of nightcore, I have always been thinking will sped up substitute nightcore, time passes and my worries are getting more real
Nightcore - Rhythm Is A Dancer, Maikel6311 on 19 Mar 2011
link to commet ... jnyqxyjitc
••••Cat- Gamez••••2 weeks ago
Nightcore reality has more subs.............that channel is better..YOU SHOULD LOOK AT ITS SUBS!

Glen Evans1 week ago
+••••Cat- Gamez•••• more subs doesnt necesarrily mean they are better. i know quite a few people with very little subs that put their heart into there channel.
Either way I personally enjoy both channels, but subs does not correlate to the quality of content

HKO2006 | Nightcore & Trance13 minutes ago (edited)
+••••Cat- Gamez•••• FYI Maikel has started making nightcore since 2008, without him, nightcore wouldn't even be a thing on YouTube. Maikel also sticks with what nightcore is about 'core of the night, so you'll dance all night long'.

The Nightcore duo from Norway was selective on what songs they use for nightcore, they picked trance songs, so does Maikel. Compare to what songs NightcoreReality uses, pop, rock, house, dubstep, ie mainstream music. That makes NightcoreReality has nothing to do with nightcore except using their name.

No doubt NightcoreReality's videos are good but is mainstream music better than trance music? I highly doubt that and it is just personal preference. Also, no doubt there are more people like mainstream music than trance (hence more subs, mainstream music is called mainstream for a reason).

So there you have it, NightcoreReality is about mainstream music, has nothing to do with nightcore except the name and what music is better is all about personal preference.

PS google 'Original Nightcore, REMASTERED' for original Nightcore songs
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Is Tech trance = techno trance/DJ Splash/DJ Contacreast?
Tech trance

for more examples, check Russian wiki ... 0%BD%D1%81
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A nightcore song is 'created' by speeding up existing trance/hands up songs (by 25%), bumping the BPM from 140 to 175 along the pitch. I believe, to produce a genuine nightcore song, the producer needs to produce the track with 175 BPM in mind (essentelly a hardcore tracl) plus trance/hands up style and the pitched up vocals.

Until this happens, all nightcore are basically trance/hands up played back in the speed of hardcore.
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Speeding up seems to be a little magic making things a little bit more appealing.

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Re: HKO2006's sandbox

Post by Zurd » August 20th, 2015, 4:53 pm

HKO2006 wrote:Motherboard burnt 2 days ago, so can't be active as usual for a while.
bummer, time to save money and buy a new one!

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