Lost music board & sources!

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Lost music board & sources!

Post by DJ Yozora » January 7th, 2020, 11:47 am

As a person who buys music in digital form and has a huge offline music collection I'm always looking for old tracks I'm missing. Music stores, such as Google Play and Beatport can be useful, but they don't always contain the titles I search for; some of them were never released, others have been taken down and some others used to be available on websites and apps that no longer exist. Contacting the artists sometimes helps, but a few of them have erased their internet presence. Converting YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks to mp3 is my last resort. That is why I decided to start this thread, to get help and offer my help to others. Some of us might own some old tracks or know where they are being sold/offered.
I'm afraid to call this a "file-sharing thread", as it would probably infringe the site's rules and it's not just about sharing files. I think of it more as "source sharing". ^^

If I may, I shall start by asking, if you guys know where the following tracks are available:

1| Cascada - Dangerous (The Hitman remix)
2| Club Crusherz! - Take Me Away 2k12 (original is by Xitro)
3| DJ Satomi - Wonderland [aka "Sound Of My Dream(s)"]
4| Nordic Stars - Tell Me Why (Takis Radio Remix)
5| East Clubbers - Walk alone

Also, any information on DJ Splash and his tracks is highly appreciated. It seems that his work is nowhere to be found anymore. :(

Below a list of stores and sources I use to find music.

Google Play - my first choice as a music store, because it's cheap and has almost everything.
Beatport - more expensive than Google Play. Downloads for bought music expire after a while. >:(
Amazon Music - similar price rate as Google Play. Worth a visit!
Bandcamp - awesome site, where artists offer their music for a minimum price.
7digital (never used before).
Trackitdown (never used before).
Juno Download (never used before).

If the tracks I search for are not on any stores, I do a research in different sites, hoping to find some clues or, in the best case, a free download link:

1) Generally I start with YouTube and SoundCloud. Download links and information on the artists (in case I have to contact them) are usually found in descriptions. Tracks on SoundCloud have sometimes enabled public downloads!
2) Going through the artists' and labels' social media pages and posts can be fruitful. I have often found old facebook posts containing download links.
3) Has the artist or label disappeared from the internet? No problem, as there's still a chance to find their stuff on Discogs or the Internet Archive. I owe Discogs one of my biggest discoveries!
4) As a last option I use Google hoping to find reliable sources that don't look too obscure. :x

When looking for older songs that were released before online music stores existed and were never added to them later, it might be possible to still get them in physical form (CD, tape, etc). My best example for that is the version of Angel of Darkness that is used in the infamous Nightcore. The only way to get my hands on that track was to order the CD.

I wish you best of luck with your own music hunt and please share any interesting findings with everyone here! :)
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