ANNOUNCEMENT: Recent developments and staff changes

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Recent developments and staff changes

Post by Maikel631 » December 25th, 2014, 3:27 pm

Dear members of the Nightcore Universe forum,

After a long long period of being inactive on this forum, I returned here now to bring you some sensitive, but important news. It is about the current team of staff members active on the forums.

In the past two weeks or so, there have been several discussions between forum members regarding the current group of staff members. I, myself, haven't been hugely involved in the operations of this forum the last years. Therefore I haven't played a part in the choice of new moderators, the people with influence on this forum. The reason for this was the drama I have experienced on this forum in the years before I left. I was fed up with it, and I wanted to focus on my university life and my YouTube channel without the burden of having to deal with the forum.

Other current staff members, administrators and global moderators, haven't always made the right choices for the forum. All of this together caused the unwanted situation as there is currently. The real Nightcore that we as a forum want to keep alive, isn't what we carry out as our message at all times. Not everyone has been aware of these issues. The issues were mostly between some users of the forum and staff members.

Of course, I'm not here to point fingers, or tell everyone that they suck. Everyone tried their best, and they feel themselves that not everything went right along the way. Of course I want to thank all the staff members for their effort in running the forum. A point that remains is that the current situation asked for a change, in order to turn around the mistakes that were made.

Several members came to me and brought up the idea to change things around. Certain staff members would get different positions. Influential people would get a staff position, for them to bring out their positive vibe to all the forum members. These new staff positions will be taken by people who have given their word to be active, and want to make this forum better. And so, some staff members will go, some staff members will come. All of this to bring an active staff, and hopefully along with that a better forum. On top of all, we should carry out the message of real Nightcore.

A listing of staff member changes:
- RaveComing is no longer a Global Moderator
- Thecad is no longer a Global Moderator

- Kestrel0907 is now a Global Moderator, instead of an Administrator
- Zurd is now an Administrator
- Vitacx97 is now a Global Moderator

After having thought about it thoroughly, these changes seemed necessary for the future of this forum. Of course I'm happy that throughout the years, this forum has survived the drama and that the love for Nightcore is still strong. I hope this change can bring a new spark in this community.

As the time I have for YouTube alone is already limited, I will remain to be an administrator acting on the sidelines for the majority of the time.

I don't really go here anymore. If you wanna talk, catch me on Skype: maikel6311
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