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Post by Kirby » June 17th, 2010, 12:33 am

Nightcore Universe (http://nightcoreuniverse.net/) is strictly a fanbase; absolutely no illegal files are hosted on this site.

Specifically, Nightcore Universe is a fanbase for the original 'Nightcore' unsigned music group (MySpace Music profile) composed of Thomas S. Nilsen and Steffen Ojala Søderholm. It also welcomes discussion of the Trance music genre and similar styles.
Nightcore Universe has NO AFFILIATION with said persons, groups or related industries. This is merely for fun.

Users of Nightcore Universe may post external links to music located on widespread sites such as YouTube, Newgrounds or public file-hosts -- however, administrators and staff hold NO RESPONSIBILITY if files provided from an external source are misused in any way.

In other words, administrators and staff of Nightcore Universe cannot be held responsible for what users decide to share with others.

Nightcore Universe does not have association with the remote servers on which files may be hosted.

All rights on music are the property of their respective owners.

While handling illegal music, users are claiming that they own the original file.

We pay full respect to copyright laws: if you wish links be removed you may contact web m as t er [.a.t] n ig htco r e u ni v erse [d.o.t] ne t. (no spaces)

All other forms of illegal content (movies, games, etc.) are FORBIDDEN to be imposed on Nightcore Universe and punishment will be appended to users who engage in sharing said material. The staff patrol the forums on a regular basis to ensure said material is nonexistent.