Just some announcements.

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Just some announcements.

Post by Kirby » May 18th, 2012, 11:15 pm

Since appler has left, and I've heard the drama here has come to a minimum lately, me, Maikel, and Raver have volunteered to come back and give this forum another chance. RaveComing may also be coming back, but I do not know for sure. However, keep in mind that none of us are happy being here anymore and I am not saying that is necessarily the fault of anyone here; things just aren't the same as they used to be and we were disgusted of all the fights/arguments/bashing that came up prior to our absence. And if they come up again, we won't be staying for long.

I'm not going to promise that we'll be actively engaged in the community, but we will at least do enough to hopefully keep the spambots and rulebreakers at bay. If worst comes to worst and none of us wish to have any association with this place anymore, I'll look into finding new management for the forum so I can leave. It is highly improbable I will be successful in doing this since I can hardly think of anyone with the criteria to lead this forum with the image it was founded upon. In the worst case scenario, I may be compelled to close the forum. Or Maikel will end support for it, at the very least. This is the very first time I've ever talked of shutting down NU.net -- it is simply a hard fact that this forum costs money to keep up every month and it must be considered whether or not that is worth a handful of people coming here to congregate, especially with the way that "handful of people" has changed with time. There are many free solutions (Facebook groups, Flash chatrooms, etc.) that can fulfill the purpose the forum has to most people with little need for moderation. Please rest assured though that this is only the worst case scenario and it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that we will have to come to this decision, and if we do, it will probably be at least a half-year or so from now.

I apologize if it appears as if I'm overreacting here; I probably am. It's just that I (and Maikel/Raver) have come to associate this forum with certain painful memories we wouldn't want to relive. In short, behave .. okay?

Furthermore, within the coming months you will most likely notice advertisements appearing on NU.net. NU.net has stayed ad-free for the past two or so years since it's inception. I realize that no one is really going to like this decision and I ask you to understand that we are not seeking revenue from our loyal members, but mainly the TENS OF THOUSANDS of guest visitors this forum receives on a monthly basis. Truth is, this forum is a lot more popular than you probably think. We will have to try it out and see if the profit proves sufficient enough to be worthwhile in relationship to our hosting costs. We are still unsure of how "obtrusive" the advertisements will be, how many of them there will be, where they will positioned, and how they will be distributed amongst different user classes. I expect that guests will see maximum advertising, normal users will see minimal (or none, if you're extremely lucky) advertising, and donators will see no advertising. No plans have been arranged to raise the costs of attaining donator status at the very low price of $1 USD, so I strongly recommend any members to do so if they are able.