From a land down under

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From a land down under

Postby Grey Jones » June 7th, 2012, 5:52 am

Greetings to all those that inhabit the Nightcore Universe, a friend of mine introduced me to Nightcore a few months back and since then I've gotten quite into the genre. I've had ideas for interesting songs to Nightcore but I lack the proper equipment to do so, but anyone hello all of you who're here.

Though I'd drop by and check the place out.
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Grey Jones
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Re: From a land down under

Postby Yakkety » June 7th, 2012, 7:32 am

Hi there, welcome to, be sure to make use of the chatbox since all the action in our forum takes place there, and here is some valuable information on how you could make your own Nightcore's ;)


Click the picture for my Youtube Channel ;)
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Re: From a land down under

Postby Kestrel0907 » June 7th, 2012, 10:59 am

Welcome to our community! :)
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Re: From a land down under

Postby Ahuze » June 7th, 2012, 11:01 am

Hullo and welcome! :D Hope you like your stay here.

... Man, I suck at these things.
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